fredag 4. mars 2016

Queen material?

(N)Ororina's Auri will be 10 months on 12 March, and she has become a big girl. Or well, when the older ladies are in heat, they want her to be their baby, but she feels too old for that nonsense, and have started to protest when they try to force her to follow them to the newmade baby-nest. 

She can be very stubborn, and she knows exactly what she wants and not. Ok, she is very spoiled - I know :blush. She seems self-confident, so there are hope ;)

Her parents are (N)Ororina's Chennai (ABYp) and IC S*Strandtritens Adrian (ABYn). Perhaps it's time to help her find a handsome boyfriend?

fredag 3. juli 2015

søndag 14. juni 2015

Greetings from Louis and Kajsa

Kajsa has moved in with her father Louis aka Emil. In the beginning he did not fancy the fact that he must, from now on, take care of his own daughter. Now it seems like they have found each other and Emil has become a caring parent.

(N)Ororina's Kajsa and (N)Ororina's Louis
Both cats are living in Oslo and Emil is neutered. 

søndag 3. mai 2015

On the top of the "roof"

The kittens are growing fast, and now they have become very active. It seems like they are trying to take the flight sertificate. Still, they are not sure how to land...

Rasmus and Annika on the top of the floor-to-roof climbing tree. 

Rasmus - the king of the climbing tree
They also love to climb, and at the moment, it seems like this is their favourite activity. They started with my legs, and after a few days I had to cover my legs in bandages. Then they felt ready to start to enter the floor-to-ceiling climbing tree. Especially Annika and Rasmus loved to enter this tree; but the problem was to get down. Hey, it was so high! So every time they wanted to get down, they started to cry for help. Today, they finally took the chance to get down by them selves, and they made it perfect.

søndag 19. april 2015

One from each litter

At the moment I have three litters. Two of them are now 7 weeks old, and the youngest one is 6 weeks old. 

It's not so easy to take good photos of them now, as they are either everywhere or sleeping. Here is three photos of three of them; one from each litter: 

Annika - 7 weeks old

Kavring - 7 weeks old

Arda - 6 weeks old

søndag 12. april 2015

fredag 3. april 2015

Arda - my youngest baby

 For four weeks ago, Arda was born. His parents are IC S*Strandtriften's Adrian and GIC (N)Ororina's Nora. He is very soft and cuddly, and spoiled rotten. When he cries, his mother comes imidiately, and he hates to be locked in.

Arda - 4 weeks old
He is spoken for, by the way.