tirsdag 9. oktober 2012

Cat show in Umeå - October 2012

After a short brake from cat shows, I decided it was time to join one again. I had two cats that had taken one cacib each in Norway, and needed two more cacibs where at least one of them must be taken in a second country.

The show was held in the Nolia-hall in Umeå, Sweden, and with me, I had IC (N)Ororina's Nora (Aby o) and CH (N)Ororina's Nikolai (Aby a).

Me together with Nora and Nikolai

Nora in her cage
The show was held by Absolut Kattklubb, a club that is for members that owe abyssinians and somali cats. On both days, there where an extra show (Breed BIS where they choosed the best aby and the best somali.

On Saturday, Nora was nominated to the Breed BIS-panel.

Nora during the Breed BIS-panelet

Nora is waiting for the results of the Breed BIS judgement.

Only Nora got her cacib both days, and now she is International Champion. Nikolai got only one cacib, and is still a Champion.

The judges that judged Nora was Eiwor Andersson (sat) and Catharina Modal Nilsson (sun).
The judges that judged Nikolai was Carin Sahlberg (sat) and Elisabeth Raab Alvarsson(sun)

On Sunday, the judge would not give Nikolai his cert because she thaught he was too skinny, and that he should stay at home. I am agree that he is skinny, but show me a fat fertile stud that is not chemical kastrated.
Well, well, he got one cacib, so he did not go home empty.