tirsdag 15. januar 2013

Gjendine and her two kittens (born Nov.2012)

The kittens are fine and they are growing quickly, and it's obvious that they are two different souls. Both has ear tufts, by the way. Skjult Drage has always been the biggest one, and she is also the one with the best coat colour, but a bit too long nose.

Gjendine and Snikende Tiger

Snikende Tiger are staying here, and that means that Skjult Drage has to get a new home. So now I've started to find her a good and loving home. She is very active, so my wish for her is that she is getting a home where she can play out her skills.

Gjendine and Skjult Drage

Skjult Drage has moved into the second floor.
Mommy Gjendine is not quite sure if she thinks
it's ok or not.

Skjult Drage has just checked the roof