onsdag 27. mars 2013

A postcard from the past

I have bought this postcard on eBay, and it's an old card of an abyssinian kitten.

On the sellers page it stands that this card is a childrens study photo postcard, and that it's from pre 1914. The text on the back of the card is in English and gives a description of the abyssinian. If you know more about this postcard, I would be happy if you would share it with me.

The text on the back of the card:
Photograph from the Red Heart Album
Our picture presents a lively young representative of the up-and-coming Abyssinian breed, the nearest approach we have to-day to the cats which the ancient Egyptians revered as near-gods. Note the ticking on the body and tail which is a characteristic of the breed. Your perfect Abby, should show no white markings or bars of any kind but his eyes may be green, yellow or hazel. He is an affectionate fellow who gets on well with dogs. There is a certain "jungleness" about him and he thrives best when he is allowed complete freedom.