søndag 27. oktober 2013

Uncle Blue* babysits the youngsters

The youngsters are still growing for each day, and soon they are old enough to get their new homes. Until then, they are being looked after by their mother and uncle. Uncle Nikolai, or Blue as he is being named now a days, is of the calm type, and prefer to take his turn as a babysitter while the kids are relaxing. 
Euphoria, Lykke Li, Louis and Nikolai
Euphoria and Lykke Li are now 12 weeks old, while Louis is 10 weeks old. Euphoria is going to Sweden and Louis to Oslo, while Lykke Li will stay in the cattery.

*In the stories about "Aunt Brown, aunt Green and aunt Lavender" by Elsa Bescow, there is also a caracter named uncle Blue.