mandag 16. desember 2013

Aby 10 years old

On 13 December, this lady was 10 years old. Happy birthday Aby (GIC (N)Rødknappen's Dolly)

She is a shoulder-cat, and can't understand that some people doesn't enjoy having a cat on their shoulder. One of her favourite persons are the postman and after she has said hello to him, she jumps into his car and check if there are any mail for her. 

Here she is ready to jump on the photographer's shoulder.

Aby got her first litter in October 2005, and her last in 2009. All in all, she has mothered 12 kittens divided into 5 litters; all ruddy. She is the first ancestress of my cattery, and she is, as far as I know, a great-great-great-great-great grandmother. Her offsprings are spread world wide. 

You'll find her pedigree at PawPeds (link)

Happy Birthday dear Aby