tirsdag 15. april 2014

From a photo studio in Umeå

During the first weekend of April, we joined a cat show in Umeå, Sweden. There there was a professional phtographer that offered to take photos of our adored ones, and here is the photos she took of Nora and Snikende Tiger. 

Here is a link to the homepage of the photographer: http://www.wmartphoto.se/, and her name is Maria Westling. She use to take photos of cats at cat shows. 

IC (N)Ororina's Nora

IC (N)Ororina's Nora

IC (N)Ororina's Nora and (N)Ororina's Snikende Tiger

(N)Ororina's Snikende Tiger. I'm very proud of her ear tufts :)

(N)Ororina's Snikende Tiger