onsdag 21. januar 2015

Christmas Song Litter - 6 weeks old.

The kittens have become more active, and it's a bit hard to make them sit still so we can take photos of them. Here is our last try:

From left: Walking in the Air, Santa Baby and Jingle Bells

Let me introduce them one by one:

Walking in the Air - 6 weeks old - ABY n, female


She has always been the biggest one in the litter, and she was the first one to climb out of the kitten pen. She has a nice, soft profile and ok ear placement, but the colour of the fur is still a bit too light, but warm. 

Santa Baby - 6 weeks old - ABY o female

Santa is the calmest kitten in the litter, and mostly, she sit and look at her siblings running around in the pen. It seems like she thinks that she prefer to let the other do the investigation, and then she can learn of their mistaces. Her colour is warm and rich. She has a good, soft profile and a nice earplacement. At the moment I think she is the best one in her litter.

Jingle Bells - 6 weeks old - ABY n male

Jingle Bells did not have time to be a photo model, so we had to be very patient and take lots of photos of him; most of the photos you can see only his back leg or tail, or a blury picture of him. So these two photos is the best one we managed to take of him. He is very tiny in relation to his sisters, but I suppose he will grow past them in a few weeks. His colour is very dark, and when he was born, he was completely black on the top of his head, tail and on his back. The under coat is also dark and warm, so I think his colour will become his strongest card. At the moment, his head looks ok, but as I feel that he develope a bit slower than his sisters, I will let him have a bit more time before I make up my mind.

Their parents are: IC S*Strandtriften's Adrian and (N)Ororina's Birrahgnooloo. Both ABY n (ruddy)