torsdag 1. januar 2015

Christmas Song Litter - 3 weeks old

On 12 December 2014, (N)Ororina's Birrahgnooloo became mother to a litter on three kittens; two girls and one boy. The father is IC S*Strandtriften's Adrian.

Tomorrow, the kittens will be 3 weeks old, and it's time to show them to the world :)

(N)Ororina's Walking in the Air (ABY n)

(N)Ororina's Jingle Bells (ABY n) and (N)Ororina's Santa Baby (ABY o)
My sister said that Jingle Bells could be named Mr NoBells after he has been neuter. What a funny sister I have... O.o 

Santa Baby and Jingle Bells where very tiny when they were born, but they have both shown us that they are real fighters. They are still much more tiny than Walking in the Air (I must find her a nick name), but soon they are going to start eating by them selves, so I think the differences between their weights quickly will wanish. They both have round and cute baby bellies, so Birrahgnooloo has still enough milk for them. 

If you wonder, they are named up after Christmas Songs.