lørdag 7. mars 2015

My two imports

During the last months, I have imported two new abyssinians to Norway. They are Alina von Kalimdor*CH from Switzerland and IC S*Strandtriftens Adrian from Denmark.

Alina is a blue aby girl, born in May last year. She is the sweetest girl in the world, and in my eyes, the most beutiful girl in the world. I was in Bern, Switzerland in the middle of December and picked her up, so she became my christmas present from me to me. She has a lovely blue colour with great ticking and a warm undercoat. I really look forward to taking her to cat shows!
Thank you Nadin for letting me having this wonderful baby.

Alina von Kalimdor *CH Photo: Nadin

Adrian is a three years old ruddy boy an my new stud. Hopefully he will give me some great kittens to choose between. He has a lovely temper, wonderful expression, strong elegant body, warm ruddy colours with a fantastic ticking, and a great ear placement. He miss a few certficates for a Grand International Champion, so if you are going to the same shows as me, you might see him in real. Thank you Bodil and Michael for letting me having him. I'm already in deep love in this handsome bloke.

IC S*Strandtriftens Adrian. Photo: Bodil & Michael