fredag 23. september 2016

New litter born 15 September

On 15 September (N)Ororina's Queen Makeda (ABY a) gave birth to three girls and one boy. The father is (N)Ororina's Jingle Bells (ABY n). Now, the litter is 8 days old, and all four have lovely, big baby bellies. They are so satisfied that they do not bother to say anything when I lift them up to carefully cuddle with them.

Because they are born 100 years after the writer Roald Dahl, I decided to name up the kids after characters from his literary work.

  • Matilda from the novel with the same name
  • Sophie, the little girl in Big Friendly Giant.
  • Fifinella, what they called the female gremlins in Gremlins. 
  • George from the novel George's Marvellous Medicine

Here you have photos of the babies: