fredag 6. oktober 2017

Closing doors...

My breeding plans have changed a bit. The original plan was to have three more litters before I stop breeding abyssinians before 2020. 2017 has been a very turbulent year for me, and I have got more important obligations. Therefore, I have decided to have only one more litter before I stop breeding abyssinains.. This litter will be between Ch Alina von Kalimdor *CH and (N)Ororina's Anton. Anton was born in March this year, so the mating will not happen before he is fertile. He lives in a foster home, by the way, and will be neutered right after he has become a dad. He will not be lent out to other breeders.

Here is a photo of Anton - 6 months old.

Testmating: Alina + Anton
If you are interested in a kitten after these two, please contact me as quick as possible. This litter will be my last abyssinian litter.

I might come back as a breeder, but I'm not sure when.