About me

My  name is Anne Marit Jerpstad, and I have been a breeder of abyssinian cats. I'm living in Steinkjer, a small town in the middle of Norway.

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In 2004 I decided to fulfil a dream I have had for years; and that was breeding cats. In May that year, I bought two Abyssinians: GIC (N)Rødknappen's Dolly and IC (N)Rødknappen's Emil, and in the end of June, GIC (N)Oracle's Priestess Pythia arrived. Later that year, I got my breeder name accepted by NRR and FIFé.

Ororina has been my nick since 1995, so finding a name for my cattery was easy. It’s a fantasy name influenced by a cartoon heroine named Ororéa from the stories about Spirou. She is a beautiful, brave and self-willed princess.

My goals have been to breed Abyssinian cats according to the standard of FIFé, and of course embodying all the most exquisite of Abyssinian traits. I love ear tufts on abyssinians, and one of my goals have been to get the tufts back. Some of my cats have had lovely ear tufts.

All of my cats are treated like family members. Even though we live at the rural part of Steinkjer, we have build a huge, fenced cat run for the cats as I do not want to risk cross bred cats.

If you have any questions about the abyssinian you are welcome to contact me. I do not breed abyssinian cats anymore. If you have information about a cat from me, as you think can be of interest for me, I would love to hear from you.